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Room Enhancement

For people who want to update a room, without a major overhaul.

If you’re looking to complete a room, by injecting colour,

adding soft furnishings, or changing a couple of items of furniture this service will be most suited to your needs.

Full Interior Design

For people who want to design a room, or multiple rooms from scratch.

If you’re looking for a complete overhaul, or planning designs for new rooms this is where to begin. We provide both design and implementation services including:

  • Layouts
  • Concept design
  • 3D Models
  • Shopping Lists
  • Ordering
  • Installation

Installation and Styling

For someone who has finished decorating their space; has big furniture but needs to complete the space with accessories like soft furnishings (cushions, throws), artwork, pottery, plants, small lamps, mirrors.

If you need to complete the space and need help with small pieces to bring the room together, then his service is for you. It means the designer sources these items with the budget given by the client and installs it for you.

Spatial Planning and Visualization

For clients who already know what they want for their spaces but need to visualise it and do not know what to do and need to design a floor 3D visuals are a perfect solution for giving clients a clear and true view of design concepts.

It saves time by helping in accelerating the interior project timeline and decision making; it enables the designer to make changes and leaves no scope for misunderstanding.